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January  2019
The first speaker of the new year was Michael Farley with an entertaining talk about the life and times of Henry VIII.
Kevin Hancock visited us in February. He explained a more genteel way of keeping bees.
This month we were visited by Helen Beard and her beautiful black labrador Sapphire who together visit hospitals, schools and retirement homes as part of Pets for Therapy. We learnt that just stroking a pet can be very beneficial to health as it can lower blood pressure and pets don't judge people, they will listen without comment.
This meeting was made up of the Annual Meeting and the National Federation Resolutions. Refreshments were in the form of Cheese and Wine. There was no change to the committee.
This meeting was not only a member's meeting but also an open meeting. The speaker was from Trinity House light Ships. He informed us of the history of the corporations involvement with lighthouses, sea pilots and marine safety since 1514. Trinity House maintains over sixty lighthouses around England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar.
This month's meeting was in two halves.
Member Mary took us on a wonderful trip around Kelvedon High Street without us having to leave our seats. We learnt that the number of shops and businesses has decreased considerably over the years; from sixty eight to just fifteen now.
After refreshments the auction was held. Jill soon had us bidding for items that we hadn't realised we needed with bids rangeing from fifty pence to six pounds.
Members saw the new tree house on a visit to Eastern Lodge Gardens on 26th June.

The history of Harrods was the subject of our July meeting with Eve Regelous as our speaker.
Members had a really lovely day out at Kensington Palace, on 17th July, with great refreshments for everyone to enjoy.
An enjoyable evening was spent at the home of one of our members despite the rain.
Sharon Gould visited us this month. She gave a very interesting talk and demonstration about how to make greetings cards using recycled materials. We learnt that pictures from old cards, magazines or packaging can be used together with ribbon, buttons, lace and feathers. So, making cards need not cost too much and can be personalised to suit the recipient.

Singing and laughter echoed around the walls of the Institute this month as Ray Spiller returned with his collection of number one hits from 1952 onwards. The sounds of  hits from the sixties and seventies interspursed with Ray's jokes made it a nostalgic and fun evening.
Tricia Gurnett visited us this month and told us about the history of the British Legion and the work that they carry out throughout the year not just in November.
Line Dancing was attemped by lots of members, as Di Warden called out the steps, at this year's Christmas Social. Mince pies and mulled wine were well received.
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