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Although our Annual Meeting should have taken place in April due to the Covid-19 restrictions in hadn't, of course, happened. Charity Commission ruling said that as we had advertised the meeting it had to go ahead, somehow!! The committee discussed a Zoom meeting, an outdoor meeting (weather unreliable) and came to the conclusion a meeting by a booking system at the Institute was best for Kelvedon W.I. The Speakers booked for September were willing to come – and we decided on a talk followed by a short Annual Meeting. So on 9th September 17 members plus a visitor gathered at the Institute. It was a bit weird. We had plenty of elbow room – a good 3 feet either side, no tea and cake & we all wore masks (& there were some very pretty ones!)


Our speakers, Mr & Mrs Brace were allowed to remove their masks to give a fascinating talk with wonderful photographs entitled “A Wild Safari in Brazil”.


We didn't get a tea break so after Jean Wilkinson, President, had formally welcomed members we got on with the business of the meeting. The Secretary's and Treasurer's Report having been distributed to all members were taken as read and accepted by the members present. Sheila Gunson would be appointed as Accounts Examiner for the following year.


The Group Leaders (or a representative of that Group)) gave a report on how their Group was dealing with the restrictions.


Art – continued to meet at Angela's or Mary's


Books – prior to lockdown, members had enjoyed a selection of books. Elizabeth asked for any suggestions as to how they could continue to meet bearing in mind current restrictions.


Cycling – Due to injury and illness the cycling Group hadn't been out much but they had been meeting for coffee and cake. Recently they have been meeting in one another's gardens. The President advised the meeting that Christine Saffell was now out of hospital with Carer Package in place but was very sorry not to be able to come to the meeting,


Cinema – Prior to lockdown members had enjoyed a selection of films sometimes followed by supper.


Lunch Club – Had, prior to March, tried out most of the local coffee shops and enjoyed some very nice lunches. Since lockdown the members had tried Zoom meetings – not entirely successful and now met in one another's gardens 6/7 people to a garden for a picnic lunch. This had proved very successful.


Walking – The walking Group has been popular and well attended – Angela was standing down as the organiser having done it 10 years. Linda Simpson had agreed to take it over.


The WI Advisor for Kelvedon had suggested that as Jill Hinds had trained as an Advisor she was qualified to run the election of committee and president, Jill therefore took over that part of the meeting.

Standing for committee were:

Pat Bradley, Heather Romani, Angela Carruthers, Linda Simpson, Sue Hudd, Sue Stacey, Gill Read, 

Mandi Turner and Jean Wilkinson.

(Eileen Greenhalgh, Jill Hinds & Anne Walt standing down)


Jill had received several proxies and she reminded members of the Three Year Rule and that, with the

exception of Sue Hudd and Linda Simpson the other committee members were on their last year. The

committee were voted in en bloc and Jean Wilkinson was again voted President.


Jean then thanked everyone for coming, the raffle was drawn and the meeting closed.




Government had announced that Guidelines would be changed from the following Monday and therefore

the President was unable to say whether we would be able to meet in October.

The Secretary is currently awaiting NFWI Solicitor's guidance on these revised guideline but will let you

know what we can and can't do as soon as she receives the information.





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